Preserve your assets
by investing in a quality cyber liability insurance policy
What is Cyber Liability Insurance?
With an average cost of $201 per record compromised, a breach can be potentially devastating to your organization.1 While traditional insurance policies have significant gaps in coverage for digital exposures, a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy helps to fill in those gaps by providing liability coverage to an organization specific to cyber and privacy breaches. 

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage Highlights


Simple 4 question application to bind coverage for entities up to $100 million in revenue.


Access to 24-hour data breach hotline to report incidents with Baker Hostetler; one of the leading Cyber Breach firms in the country.


Broad coverage language for: Regulatory Claims, Business Interruption & Digital Asset Restoration, Cyber Extortion, Multimedia Liability & Privacy Breach coverage offered at full policy limits.


Security breach response covers an insured for costs associated with notification, credit monitoring services, IT forensics, IT forensics, legal guidance, and public relations.
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Cyber Security Isn't Just About Technology

You can't secure everything
  • Enterprise security architecture
  • Protect what matters
  • Strategy, organization & governance
  • Threat intelligence
Seize the advantage
  • Digital trust is embedded in strategy
  • Privacy & cyber security legal compliance
  • Risk management & Risk appetite
It's not if but when
  • Continuity & resilience
  • Crisis management
  • Incident response & forensics
  • Monitoring & detection
Confidence in Your Digital Future
Their risk is your risk
  • Digital channels
  • Partner & supplier management
  • Robust contracts
Fix the basics
  • Identity & access management
  • Information, operations & consumer technology
  • IT security hygiene
  • Security intelligence & analytics
People matter
  • Insider threat management
  • People & "moments that matter"
  • Security culture & awareness
1. Ponemon Institue Study 2015